The Biggest Winners/Losers of the NFL Season

With the conclusion of the NFL season, it’s time to overanalyze everything that happened over the past 7 months. With a season full of surprises it’s safe to say there were 31 losers and 1 winner in the New England Patriots. The playoffs were below average this year with almost every game ending in a blowout so it was only right that the season ended with one of the greatest games of all time. We as fans, deserved nothing less even if it did involve ANOTHER Super Bowl victory for the New England Patriots.


Tom Brady and Bill Belichick:

In May of 2016, the NFL announced that Tom Brady was suspended for the first 4 games of the regular season and they might as well have announced that the Patriots were the next Super Bowl Champions. Brady and Belichick are the best to ever do it so the last thing you want to do is give them extra motivation. The suspension pissed off the entire organization and the only way for them to get redemption was to win the championship with legal balls.

Cleveland Browns:

I know you are confused by the Browns and winning being placed in the same sentence but think about it. Was there any real way the Browns were going to be a good team this year? They entered the year with Robert Griffin III as their starting quarterback, so the answer is no. The Browns were successfully the best loser in the NFL this year which rewards them with the #1 overall pick. They also have 12 other picks including another 1st rounder. Maybe the Browns will make a good pick and turnaround their organization. Doubtful.

Cheating in the NFL:

Whether it’s the Deflategate or team’s being accused of pumping in crowd noise, there has not been a season in recent history that did not include some form of cheating. So thank you to the New York Giants for blatantly using walkie talkies on the sideline. The team was fined a modest $150K and coach Ben McAdoo was fined $50K. The Giants bit the bullet this year to make sure the integrity of the league continues to be questioned.


Roger Goodell:

Goodell is one of the most hated league commissioners in the history of organized sports and he continues to add to his ugly resume on a yearly basis. He was showered in boos on Super Bowl Sunday while handing over the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft. The legendary boos were so loud that I could hear them from thousands of miles away while sitting in my living room. There is no way this does not eat away Goodell from the inside out. With that being said, Goodell goes home to his mansion in Maine and cashes his $34 million salary with a smile on his face.

Carolina Panthers: had the Panthers as their #1 team in their week 1 power rankings. They finished the same rankings as the #24 team in week 17. It’s hard to blame any one thing on Carolina’s catastrophic collapse but if I’m Josh Norman I’m going to sleep at night with a bigger smile than Goodell.

Tony Romo:

Romo started the season optimistically after missing the final 5 games last season with a broken collarbone. Unfortunately, that optimism ended quickly after suffering from a fractured vertebrae in a preseason game. His season was over before it even began and to make matters worse his backup, Dak Prescott, looks like the future of the Dallas Cowboys. The future is dark for Tony whether he becomes a starter for a struggling franchise or continues his role as a backup for the Cowboys.  

Photo via Texas.713


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