Brace Yourself Laker Fans: Magic is in the Air

Moving on from Mitch Kupchak was undoubtedly a huge positive for the Lakers’ organization. Yes, Kupchak captained five NBA championships as the general manager of the storied franchise, but let’s not pretend he didn’t have supreme players leading the charge – players that would have flocked to Los Angeles regardless of who ran the team. His departure will most definitely benefit a Lakers association transitioning out of the Kobe Bryant era.

Yet, a new commander has taken the helm – one that may not have a clue how to run an organization.

Magic Johnson was one of the finest players to ever step on the hardwood, a player who so unprecedentedly valued team-play that he’s widely considered the greatest point guard of all time. Let’s put it like this: the distance between Michael Jordan and the second best shooting guard (Kobe Bryant) is far shallower than Magic Johnson and the next point guard (Oscar or Nash maybe?)

But if I had to guess – just purely from a fan’s standpoint – he might turn out to be a disaster of a team president. Matt Moore of CBS Sports documented Johnson’s player evaluations in his tweets:

Maybe Magic was running the Shanghai Sharks at the time? Maybe?:

The new Lakers championship pedigree:

This one is just too much:

Gotta love Jason Kidd and Rajon Rondo on the same team:

Disclaimer: Dion Waiters was shooting .256% from deep when he got traded to OKC:

Let’s assume Magic is just being a jokester…every time he tweets…I still wonder if he has any credentials. At least the Legend Larry Bird coached for eight years before assuming a position in the front office.

The real test will be the potential acquisition of Paul George. The Pacers’ star will likely consider Los Angeles as a new home, but will Johnson be patient enough to wait for a decision in free agency?

An amateur, or somebody who desperately wants a star in Los Angeles as soon as possible, won’t hesitate to swap a first round pick and a key young asset to obtain George this summer. But a veteran – something Johnson is certainly not – would patiently build this promising young nucleus of Russell, Clarkson, Nance, Randle and Ingram, and clear the cap space for George in the summer of 2018.

But if Magic follows suit with the infamous win-now Lakers mentality, he won’t be patient. He will swap picks, exchange young assets, and ruin the progress of the Buss family and Mitch Kupchak. Let’s not pretend the Kobe Bryant season was all about goodbyes. The Lakers used the opportunity to wholeheartedly tank and draft Brandon Ingram with the second overall pick.

My point is that Lakers fans need to brace themselves. They are in perilous danger of losing draft picks and promising young stars in exchange for household names who probably won’t make a dent in the Western Conference powers. Without a doubt, it’s a scary, scary, scary time to be a Lakers fan, unless of course they acquire the next Jason Kidd this summer.

(Photo Credit via TheDailySportsHerald)


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