The NFL Combine Experience

I attended the NFL Combine this past week with The Admiral affiliate, Anthony Milto. When I first walked through the doors I expected to see the running backs’ bench press, drink a few beers, and possibly meet some famous people. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Immediately after I entered the Indianapolis Convention Center, I heard the NFL scouts chirping. I officially became the first NFL prospect to attend the combine without an invite and the NFL GM’s were shocked. No one had heard of Dusty Norman, the unknown recruit out of IU with zero football experience…but that would soon change.


After checking out the competition and speaking with some scouts, I decided to start my combine by showing off my jumping skills.


There are a few immediate take aways from the jumping portion of the combine. First, I need you to take notice of the impartial woman directly in front of me in the picture. She saw me prepare for my jump…yet still chose to turn her back to my performance. I want to personally thank that woman for the motivation I needed to break SHATTER my expected results. Second, I demand the judge featured in the picture be terminated immediately. You can blatantly see my feet are well beyond the 9′ range yet he said 8’8″??? 

Final Results:

Vertical: 26.5 inches in pants

Ronnie Stanley, the 6th overall selection in the 2016 draft, also jumped 26.5 inches at the combine. This makes me a lock for the top ten without a doubt.

Broad Jump: 8’8 in pants

Jack Conklin, the 7th overall selection in the 2016 draft, only jumped 8’5 at the combine. Not only am I on track to a top 5 selection but I would be the top offensive lineman picked last year.

The next portion of the combine was the running section. This includes the 40 yard dash and the 3 cone drill. Before I began my 40 yard dash I was confronted with world class competition:

Hands down the fastest 8.5 seconds of my life. She wasn’t running, she was gliding and it left me flustered and unprepared to perform further.

No worries. I found my confidence.


Not only did I beat my opponent but I embarrassed her. She was no where to be seen after this performance.

Final Results

40 Yard Dash: 5.4 seconds in pants

Tom Brady ran a 5.2 second 40 yard dash. Brady is widely regarded as the GOAT and I ran the 40 only .2 seconds slower than him. Does this mean I have the potential to be the next GOAT? Don’t ask me but I say absolutely.

3 cone Drill: 5.17 seconds in pants

Not great, but not the worst.

After the long day of my physical showcase, I couldn’t keep the media away. I was approached in the bathroom by Milto a reporter asking for my opinion of the day.

I would be utterly shocked if the Cleveland Browns do not take a chance drafting me with the #1 pick.


Not only was I out of breath for 20 minutes after running my 40 yard dash, but I am incredibly sore a day later. I have unreal respect for the world class athletes that are pushing themselves in the combine this weekend and I do not see myself making it to the league anytime soon.

Also, shout out “Riverboat” Ron Rivera for looking my direction when I walked past you on Thursday.


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