Everything You Need to Know about Ice Cube’s BIG3

With the summer months on the horizon, it’s time to start the hype for the BIG3 basketball league. Ice Cube’s 3v3 league is set to begin in early June and is already STACKED with ex-NBA talent. Although HOF’er Allen Iverson is headlining the campaign, Ice Cube and the BIG3 will continue revealing new players every Monday until the draft takes place in April. 

The BIG3 will combine superstar talent with an unmatched fan experience. Because the league is operated strictly by the players, Ice Cube has ensured that neither politics nor favoritism will take place. Roger Mason Jr., a 12-year veteran of the NBA, has been appointed the commissioner of the league.

3v3 basketball is one of the most common forms of the game – a style so prevalent you can witness the action in driveways across America. Without a rulebook set in stone, 3v3 games have a variety of rules that change depending on the court. The BIG3 has already released their rules; here are some of the more notable regulations:

  • Typical 2 and 3 point shots but there will be a 4 point shot that is awarded when a player is touching ANY part of the 4 point circle
  • There are NO foul outs but after a team has committed 5 fouls the opposing team is awarded 2 foul shots and the possession
  • First team to 60 points wins the game and there is a half time after the first team reaches 30
  • Teams must win by 4
  • Defensive rebounds (only after hitting the rim) must be cleared
  • Steals do not need to be cleared
  • There is an offensive 3 second rule but there is no defensive 3 second rule

The league is set to have 8 teams in the first season. Many ex-NBA players have announced they will be either a coach, a captain, or even both for a team in the BIG3. Other players will be assigned a team after a league draft. Officially, there have been 5 teams announced:

Jermaine O’Neal and Bonzi Wells have partnered up to create TRI-STATE. Between them there is 28 years of NBA experience. O’Neal is also a 6x All-Star and left the NBA only three short years ago.

After the fiasco in Madison Square Garden, the BIG3 added Charles Oakley as a Player Coach. The co-captains on this team are Chauncey Billups and Stephen Jackson. Billups is a 5x All Star and an NBA Finals MVP. Jackson is 14 year veteran with an NBA Championship on his resume.

One of the most skilled teams announced so far includes: Mike Bibby and Ricky Davis. Davis averaged over 15 points per game for seven of his NBA seasons, while Bibby sits at 25th in all-time three-pointers made.

K-Mart and Al Harrington are co-captains of potentially the most intimidating team thus far. Both are listed as 6′ ft 9″ inches and are skilled enough to dominate in the 3v3 format.

The 3 Headed Monsters are led by co-captains Rashard Lewis and Jason Williams. During his NBA career, Williams produced highlight plays that are still watched in amazement today. With more room to work with on the court, he could be a star in the BIG3. Also, Lewis hit more career NBA three-pointers than anyone else in the 3v3 league.

With three more teams yet to be revealed, Allen Iverson and Corey Maggette are the only captains without a team. Iverson may be holding out to team up with a bigger star (potentially the soon to be retired Paul Pierce?). The league still needs to appoint four more captains before the draft in April – so expect some additional household names to join the BIG3.

Charles Oakley is the only player/coach that has been appointed a team. The other player/coaches include:

  • Clyde Drexler
  • Allen Iverson (also a captain)
  • Gary Payton
  • George Gervin
  • Rick Barry
  • Rick Mahorn

To fill out the rest of the rosters, the BIG3 will be hosting a draft in April following a players’ combine. As previously mentioned, the league plans on announcing new players for the draft pool on a weekly basis. So far, a slew of recognizable NBA players have been deemed draft-eligible: Josh Childress, Reggie Evans, Larry Hughes, Ivan Johnson, Brian Scalabrine, Latrell Sprewell, J.R. Rider, Earl Boykins, Brian Cook, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, Kenny Anderson, Smush Parker, Jamario Moon, Ruben Patterson, Etan Thomas, Marcus Banks, Keith Bogans, Derrick Byars, Shane Heal, Mike James, Voshon Lenard, Rashad McCants, Lee Nailon, Eddie Robinson, Xavier Silas, Ndudi Ebi, Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Lawrence Moten, Andre Owens, and James White.

With more exciting revelations emerging each week, the BIG3 will be undoubtedly be filled with spectacular NBA retirees at the time of the draft. Now that we are only a few months from opening day, the league is starting to become real. NBA legends resurrecting their careers is coming to a court near you.

Photo via Keith Allison


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