Is Lebron the Biggest Flopper in History?

In case you missed it, Lebron James suffered faked an injury two nights ago against the San Antonio Spurs. David Lee accidentally bumped him with his elbow after snagging a rebound. Here is the clip of the entire situation:

ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Lebron is 6’8″, 250 pounds and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. The man travels with a trainer and personal chef so that he can keep his body in pristine shape at all times and he collapses after getting tapped by an elbow? Either, David Lee has the strongest elbow in the game or Lebron can climb back to the top of his throne as King Flopper.

The worst part about this flop is that he has done much worse. The majority of the time he is doing it to draw a foul but sometimes I think he does it out of habit. In key playoff games you can see James falling over after someone gives him a little bump or holding his face after an imaginary elbow.


There are so many more videos of Lebron flopping it’s unreal. Go to youtube and search “Lebron Flop” and you’ll find thousands of videos of him flopping. As an average human it is disgusting watching one of the most athletic men to walk the earth fall over from absolutely nothing. James was quoted by in 2013 saying:

“It’s kind of the same as when people said I was overrated, I have the same response,” James said. “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game but I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys. I don’t need to flop. I don’t even know how to do it. So it doesn’t mean much to me.”

Lebron has been fined thousands of dollars throughout his career for flopping but he doesn’t need to flop? If you don’t need to flop Lebron then why are you flopping. The fact that he said he doesn’t know how to flop is an insult to the average American’s intelligence. Does he really think anyone is stupid enough to believe that?

Almost every NBA player can be seen flopping at times but no one is as bad as Lebron. His flops don’t even make sense. There have been times that he glances at the ground to make sure it’s clear before he dramatically falls. In fact, he is so bad at flopping that maybe he was telling the truth about not knowing how to flop.

After debating with myself, I have decided that Lebron James does not know how to flop but he is in fact one of those guys that flops. He was 50% correct on his statement about flops. Congratulations!

Keep working on your flop game Lebron and maybe one day you’ll become the best flopper ever. I mean with your athletic ability you’ve got to become the GOAT at something right?


Note: I guess I am stupid enough to believe Lebron when he said he doesn’t know how to flop. No shame.


Photo credit via Keith Allison


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