Draft Day Recap: Trailblazer Jamal Adams


Draft day may have come and gone, but there is still much to talk about. This draft possessed some truly exceptional talent, and in the end, every player got what they deserved. Whether drafted first or dead last, no hard work went without recognition. These two days proved that the years of sacrifice, discipline, and dedication didn’t go in vain, and there’s no player who knows about this more than Jamal Adams.

The LSU safety was the sixth pick overall in the first round, and rightfully so. It can be said that the Texas native has been bred for a career in professional football given that his father,George Adams, is a retired running back for the New York Giants. Similarly, his son will be packing his bags for the Big Apple as he’s set to play for the Jets in the fall. Adams not only is a trailblazing player on the field, but has maintained a clean and scandal free record off-the-field as well, making him a total package player.

However, despite all of his accomplishments, what makes Adams one of the best picks in the draft is his drive. He’s still humble and hungry. So much so that tabloids have reported that Adams became upset at the mere mention of the word “average” during his 40-yard dash performance at the NFL Scouting Combine. This alone states that not only does he understand his abilities are far from average, he wants to continue to play that way they never sink to an “average” level. Adams is always looking to make himself more versatile, improve his skills, and refuses to settle for less than excellence.

While he makes his achievements appear nearly effortless, Adams didn’t just wake up a star athlete. He has been working intensively since high school to make his dreams of an NFL career a reality. While at Hebron High School Adams was ranked as the number one safety in the country, and his stats backed up the ranking as he scored eleven touchdowns and seven interceptions in his last two years alone. At LSU he was ranked number three in the nation, a title he had earned with starting twenty-six out of thirty-seven games and earning First Team All-American honors in 2017. There are plenty more outstanding statistics I could list, but at that point it would just look gaudy and braggadocious.

Upon attending professional pre-season training camp Adams is expected to do wonders on the field in the fall; making way for an even brighter future for the merely twenty-one-year-old. If he keeps up the great work he’s sure to land right on the Yellow Brick Road.


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